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In her dynamic talks, Anutza teaches the innovative tools used at her private educational facility; Stress & Anger Management Institute, such as how to spot nuances of body language and verbal triggers that are warning signs of stress, self-sabotage or miscommunication.

Ms. Bellissimo’s students range from executives, high-profile celebrities, parents and young adults in life transitions or seeking to gain a better understanding of themselves. Her talks are ideal for anyone whose quality of life has been sabotaged by stress, anger or ineffective communication.

Classes and organizational trainings are also available for employees who exhibit signs of stress, anger or inappropriate actions at work. These programs benefit small and large companies alike by improving productivity, reducing conflict, and focusing on wellness, which decreases sick days and increases employee retention.

Ms. Anutza Bellissimo is the author of  “A Woman’s Guide to Transforming Anger & Stress, in Inspiration to Realization Vol. III, a certified anger management facilitator, wellness practitioner at Bellissimo Mind Body Wellness, and lead facilitator in psycho-educational training at the Stress & Anger Management Institute.

Anutza Bellissimo’s listeners gain an understanding of what triggers their personal anger responses and financial stress patterns, along with simple techniques to appropriately manage emotional intellect – and learn strategies to assertive behavior and communication for personal or professional success. In her cutting-edge talk, she shows how you can explore these emotions; gain control and new-found success from them, which leads to better communication, more personal joy and professional productivity-at work, home, or play.

Anutza Bellissimo can guide anyone to transform negative interactions into effective coping skills that lead to better communication with everyone in our lives.

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