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Bullying and Conflict Resolution

"Anti Bullying and Conflict Resolution Aid"

The Anti Bullying and Conflict Resolution Pillow

 The S.A.M.I. Pillow is an anchor in conflict resolution education. It assists adults and adolescents in enhancing emotional intelligence and improving communication skills. With a simple flip of the pillow, the embroidered language suggests transforming negative interactions/language into positive and healthy behavior.

This can be used in communication with others or within the individual. (self-dialogue) For example; a parent and adolescent relationship would benefit by using this tool to learn healthier forms of communicating with each other by simply identifying the negative interactions in their behavior and replacing them with the suggested positive interactions on the S.A.M.I. Pillow.

The language used on the pillow, such as, OVERREACTING vs. SELF-CORRECTING and SUPPRESSING vs. EXPRESSING are some examples of the transformation in language. The process is very effective in a workplace environment or individual home setting. Whether it’s used in business, parenting or couple relationships,. The S.A.M.I. Pillow & Program is an excellent educational tool that brings communication to life!

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