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Under The Influence…of Stress

on March 23, 2012

Feeling “Under the Influence of Stress” Lately?

As some of you may know, Kim Kardashian was feeling “Under The Influence” of stress recently. Kim was flour bombed, on the red carpet, during her new perfume launch. I feel for Kim, as her body immidiately shifted  into “The Stress Response”. There wasn’t much Kim could do, but stay calm. Of course, Kim took it like a champ!

Like many of us, stress is an easy place to visit, at any given moment of the day. I can think of  “cleaning house” and become stressed (side note: I despise cleaning house every day). Some people love cleaning house, just the thought of it, puts a smile on their face! – Not Me.

In response to our evolving epidemic of stress related illnesses, such as sleep deprivation, the common cold, or headaches, I always suggest taking a daily Stress Relief Formula. Stress management techniques can be very helpful for everyday stress, feel free to adopt my S.A.M.I. stress management techniques found in my S.A.M.I. Student Workbook.

Here’s a demonstration of what happens to our bodies when we become stresses, or think of cleaning house.

You will find a brief technical demonstration below.

Under The Influence...

"Under The Influence Of Stress"

Pay attention to Kim's body language under the influence of stress.


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